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Recent Requests

1 light fixture to be installed in bathroom and l fixture in powder room. Wall sconce lights to be removed in bathroom and powder room. 1 electrical plug not working in hallway and half plug not working in kitchen.

Ann O

Need to install 220v 1ph for table saw at shop.

Alexander G

I'm a new home owner and would like to install the following two items: 1. A doorbell camera 2. A ceiling fan in the kitchen Thank you.

Brode N

I have 3 small chandeliers and 4 dimmer switches to be fixed. 

Rita Y

I want to have two ceiling fans installed, the light fixtures will need to be removed first. And, I have an outdoor GFCI that needs to be replaced.

Saad B

We have a partial outage in a line that includes most of the basement lights and our kitchen wash machine. It occurred when I tried to start a vacuum cleaner that was plugged into the light socket outlet in the basement. The vacuum started for a split second then the power went out.

Bill G

My hot tub has no power. Breaker is out outside and I can’t turn it back on. Need a service ce call!!!

Phil R